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5 steps to creating your Nantucket Dream House

Posted by Brian Sullivan

12/20/13 9:18 AM

This Blog Post orginally appeared in The Nantucket blACKbook.

BRIAN SULLIVAN + blACKbook present land for your “dream shACK” of the Week

Always wanted a Nantucket Dream Home but having trouble finding everything just right? You’re in luck, because my go to guy on Nantucket for Real Estate, Brian Sullivan has your opportunity to BUILD your own home with this amazing piece of LAND for sale!

2 BROOKS FARM ROAD Land Listed at $1,350,000

Nantucket Land

SULLY SAYS… An excellent location! Only a short distance to Town, Westmoor and the Cliff. Town water, Sewer and 30% ground cover on a double lot! Strong neighborhood and island location. Want just the right thing and having a hard time finding it? Just build here!

blACKbook says… Interested in a pool but can’t find a house with one? Want to make sure that your dream house has EVERYTHING you want? Bedrooms galore or just a few master suites? Interested in having tons of options? This super coveted plot of land is in the ideal location for families and couples looking to start their own Nantucket legacy.

This well located ¼ acre lot close to Town, Cliff and Westmoor allows generous ground cover !

Sully’s 5 Steps To CREATING your Dream House!

1. Design every element of your dream home right here on ACK! Get inspired by other homes and make your own plans!


2. Break Ground...


3. Find a great contracting team and watch your vision construct into reality ...


4. Pick each perfect element and make it yours… from the kitchens to the bathrooms, and beyond!


5. Get ready for summer and your Nantucket Property to turn into your Dream Home! Your “ferry tale” can come true!


See this land and begin to make your Dream House happen!
A Brian Sullivan Exclusive $1,350,000

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