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Brian Sullivan

Love NANTUCKET? - check out "It's All About the Plates"

Posted by Brian Sullivan

11/12/14 3:53 PM

I recently became a board member of one of Nantucket's independent schools, it is an amazing place doing great work for young children.  The Lighthouse School took on a unique fundraising idea - a Nantucket Island license plate for Massachusetts registered cars.  One of the things that makes the program unique is that the school has committed to giving 50% of net proceeds to other Island non-profits that benefit children. This is consistent with the school's community minded philosophy. For the Nantucket plates to go into production we need to get 1,500 applications. The exciting news is we are over 2/3rds of the way there today.

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Nantucket Beach House Rental New 2013!

Posted by Brian Sullivan

1/27/13 10:54 AM

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Nantucket Spring Summer and Fall calendar of events 2011

Posted by Brian Sullivan

3/27/11 1:25 PM

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Arrival of my son Fisher to Nantucket!

Posted by Brian Sullivan

11/29/10 11:40 AM

I am overjoyed to announce to the world and introuduce all of you to my son Fisher Anderson Sullivan. 

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The Boston Pops on Nantucket

Posted by Brian Sullivan

7/28/10 8:04 PM

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