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Brian Sullivan

The upcoming Nantucket Town Meeting: How will YOU be affected

Posted by Brian Sullivan

3/14/14 8:44 AM

The April, 5th Town Meeting is rapidly approaching. There are many zoning articles in this years warrant that will affect use and development of properties Island wide.

Is your property affected?

- How will these changes affect your property values, your   neighborhood, and your family?

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The Nantucket Housing Crunch

Posted by Brian Sullivan

2/28/14 11:35 AM

For 17 years now I've been working the Real estate business on Nantucket selling and renting homes.  Seasonal housing has always been an issue on the island.  As any free market conditions ebb and flow to determine price: factors such as scarcity, relative supply and demand have cycled since 2008 and the economic recession.   As we enter into 2014 I have never seen housing for seasonal employees and year around residents more constrained than it is now.
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Nantucket Vacation Rental with Pool, 7 Bedroom Estate

Posted by Brian Sullivan

3/12/13 8:23 AM


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Winter on Nantucket captured by Dan Driscoll

Posted by Brian Sullivan

12/23/11 9:15 AM

I really enjoy winter on Nantucket, I enjoy aspects of this island everyday year round.  People often ask what its like here in the winter, well its wonderful and beautiful.  One photographer/videographer who I respect and personally believe is one of the best has done a beautiful job showcasing Nantucket in the winter, his name is Dan Driscoll.  To see more of Dan's work visit his website at -

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Nantucket's Best Restaurants

Posted by Brian Sullivan

5/30/11 12:22 PM

Nantucket's Best Restaurants

There are many amazing restaurants on Nantucket, too many to capture them all.  I have been living on Nantucket since 1996 and enjoying some of the best dining options of anywhere I have traveled around the world right here in my back yard.  Many of our local restaurants have acheived the highest Zagats ratings, as well as Wine Spectator grand awards!  I can't say that I have a favorite restaurant on island.  I do have favorite dishes, like the baked stuffed lobster at Lenguedoc Bistro, or the daily special souffle at Ships Inn.  I also have favorite experiences like a romantic meal at Company of the Cauldron while listing to the harpist strum a tune or a sunset drink and meal on the beach at The Galley.  Below I have complied a list of my favorite Nantucket Restaurants in no particular order, there are fine dining, family restaurants, breakfast options and even take out choices.  I do recommend advanced reservation at any of the fine dining listed.  

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