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Brian Sullivan

blACKbook buzz for Nantucket Real Estate Agent, Brian Sullivan

Posted by Brian Sullivan

3/10/13 12:21 PM

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Winter on Nantucket captured by Dan Driscoll

Posted by Brian Sullivan

12/23/11 9:15 AM

I really enjoy winter on Nantucket, I enjoy aspects of this island everyday year round.  People often ask what its like here in the winter, well its wonderful and beautiful.  One photographer/videographer who I respect and personally believe is one of the best has done a beautiful job showcasing Nantucket in the winter, his name is Dan Driscoll.  To see more of Dan's work visit his website at -

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Nantucket 4th of July 2011 - Things to Do

Posted by Brian Sullivan

6/18/11 9:40 AM

In my mind there is nothing that more Americana then 4th of July on Nantucket! 

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'Nantucket by Nature' Film premiers at Nantucket Film Festival

Posted by Brian Sullivan

5/7/11 9:35 AM

Nantucket is a beautiful place and there are many parts of it never seen by most who visit this beautiful island.  The other day Kit Noble was in my office at Maury People Sotheby's on Main Street.  Kit is a professional photographer and filmmaker.  He has spent one full year to shooting this magnificent island; and the images have been translated into a 45 minute film respectfully documenting the rarely seen views of Nantucket's remarkable seascapes, landscapes and natural habitat.

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Topics: Summer 2011, Nantucket Photos, Things to do on Nantucket, Nantucket Film Festival

New Nantucket Rental Property Avail Summer 2011

Posted by Brian Sullivan

3/20/11 12:54 PM

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