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The upcoming Nantucket Town Meeting: How will YOU be affected

Posted by Brian Sullivan

3/14/14 8:44 AM

daf2The April, 5th Town Meeting is rapidly approaching. There are many zoning articles in this years warrant that will affect use and development of properties Island wide.

Is your property affected?

- How will these changes affect your property values, your   neighborhood, and your family?

Town meeting begins the start of April please take a moment to download the warrant and review the articles.

Download Your Copy of the  Warrant for Town Meeting


Here are some examples for changes that are happening. 
If you own property on the right side of Union Street from Francis Street just past Coffin, Article 41 wants to change the zoning from R1 to ROH, what does this mean for you? Well for one if you want to have a pool today you can but once these properties are rezoned you will lose that privilege and it will affect the value of your property. (Download the map)

Another example would be article 40, where commercial property will be zoned into residential property, for the last number of years commercial property island wide is being zoned into residential, making it illegal for many small business to operate and subjects them to fines and penalties for using their properties that they purchased with the intent of running a business.  The out zoning of commercial land on island has a very serious unintended consequences, it makes the uphill battle for small business owner even more difficult.  For the Article 40 Map – click here:

To view a complete list of maps for Nantucket Town meeting visit this website. 

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2015_warrentReview this years zoning articles to see how and if they will affect use and development of properties Island wide.
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