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Brian Sullivan

Client Bought and Sold homes in 4 months!

Posted by Brian Sullivan

3/11/14 8:51 PM

This November I had the pleasure of representing a new client and customer, one in the same party.  I was called and asked to view their current property to help determine whether renovation or new purchase made a more sound decision.   After understanding their growing family needs (addition of more grandchildren), we got down to business determining price points for both a new property and for renovation construction costs. One other item for careful consideration along with expenses was loss of use for 18 months during the renovation work.

I reviewed the market and sought out the best properties for them to look at to meet the needs of their entire family.  After reviewing 5 new homes for sale in the Cliff area they determined one that would best suit their needs. A highly desirable property had been listed only for a few weeks, the day they made their offer so did two other competitive bidders.   In this situation I relied on my 17 years of experien to advise them on best terms to offer.  My client did what he had too to be very competitive, and ultimately won the property.

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The Nantucket Housing Crunch

Posted by Brian Sullivan

2/28/14 11:35 AM

For 17 years now I've been working the Real estate business on Nantucket selling and renting homes.  Seasonal housing has always been an issue on the island.  As any free market conditions ebb and flow to determine price: factors such as scarcity, relative supply and demand have cycled since 2008 and the economic recession.   As we enter into 2014 I have never seen housing for seasonal employees and year around residents more constrained than it is now.
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Nantucket Vacation Rental with Pool, 7 Bedroom Estate Available in Summer 2014

Posted by Brian Sullivan

1/13/14 2:58 PM

4 Bedroom 4 Bath Main house across 3 finished levels with every modern amenity, central A/C, indoor outdoor sound system, Bluestone patio with waterfall features, large deck and yard.

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Steamship Auto Reservations for Summer 2014 GO ON SALE JAN 14th!

Posted by Brian Sullivan

1/8/14 1:36 PM

When it's this cold, it's nice to start planning your Nantucket Summer Vacation!

Advanced Auto Reservations for the Steamship Authority go on Sale next week online!  Saturday is the standard turnover day for 99.8% of Nantucket rentals so the Saturday reservations sell out very quickly!  Do you have your summer rental already booked? If yes get online and book your ferry ticket. If no reach out ASAP, I would say that 70% of inventory for summer 2014 is already sold out so its time to act quickly. Maybe consider making ferry reservation even if you housing is not set up yet. 

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5 steps to creating your Nantucket Dream House

Posted by Brian Sullivan

12/20/13 9:18 AM

This Blog Post orginally appeared in The Nantucket blACKbook.

BRIAN SULLIVAN + blACKbook present land for your “dream shACK” of the Week

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