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Nantucket Island Spring Update - Mid March

Posted by Brian Sullivan

3/19/10 11:15 AM

Spring seems to have arrived on Nantucket, I just returned from my winter vacation in Aspen Colorado where the snow was plentiful and the days were beautiful and warm, perfect Spring skiing.

The weather on Nantucket right now is beautiful, clear blue sky's and temps in the 60'sNantucket Daffodil Festival. There is a lot of activity around Nantucket island at the moment, landscapers are out doing Spring cleanups, the DPW will be sweeping streets in upcoming weeks and restaurants and retail on Main Street are Daffodil Weekend Nantucketpreparing to reopen. There are even daffodils starting to sprout in preparation of the Nantucket Daffodil festival, for more information on the Daffodil festival and the Nantucket antique car parade click here. 

The real estate market on Nantucket is also picking up for Spring, homeowners are preparing their properties for spring showings and new listings are coming to the market every day. In the last 7 Days there have been 16 new listings added to the market, many in the $2 million price point, a portion of the market that has been lacking quality inventory. There are 10 properties that have had price adjustments recently in effort to see offers in the spring market. In yesterdays Inquire and Mirror, Nantucket's local newspaper there were 12 Foreclosure notices for homes on Nantucket and 10 listed with Soldiers and Sailors notices, often the precursor to a foreclosure. 9 Morey   Lane Nantucket The most notable closing this past week was at 9 Morey Lane which was designed by internationally renowned architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen, this property closed at $3,200,000


I have seen more than a handful of offers written recently from my perspective at Maury People Nantucket's largest and highest grossing real estate office. 

Winter Storms have been unforgiving to Nantucket's coast line thisBaxter Road  Nantucket past winter, erosion has been worst on Baxter Road and in areas of Madaket, both of Nantucket's local papers have recently reported on the severity of issue to read more on these click here, INKY or Independent

Town meeting and local elections are rapidly approaching it seems there is a lot of energy and excitement about this years election and meeting, there are lots of budget issues to be discussed, many people running for elected positions as well. Just as the national political landscape is ever changing it seems Nantucket is as well. For a copy of the Nantucket Town Meeting 2010 Warrant click here.

A number of years ago I represented a seller who sold their property to the Nantucket Land Bank, the property is known as Consue Springs, the address is on Union Street near the corner of Union and Orange. At the time of the sale the Land Bank intended on working with the Conservation Foundation to remove an invasive plant species from the marsh area and open up views to the harbor from this location. In this past weeks newspaper there was a public notice for a hearing on this project, personally I am very excited to see this done, hopefully soon we will see a new Nantucket harbor view open up from this busy location.

 Consue Springs Nantucket

Lastly the bookings for Nantucket vacation homes for Summer 2010 have really heated up. Leases are being written every day, the best inventory is booking up rapidly, some properties are nego. price while others are not. Its time to search inventory and get something booked ASAP if you are interested vacation rentals on Nantucket Island for summer 2010 now is time to get your plans settled.

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