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Bartlett Farm on Nantucket

Posted by Brian Sullivan

6/27/10 7:01 PM


Bartlett Farm Nantucket


So the other day I popped into Bartlett Farm here on Nantucket and when I got out of the car I recognized what a treasure it is for Nantucket island.  I thought it would take some quick photos with my Iphone and share with you some of my favorite things about "Bartletts".

1st the tomatoes!  They have great tomatoes at Bartlett Farm in the early season they are known as the Hot House ones and they are Bartlett Farm Nantucket Tomatosgrown indoors - heres a shot of some. 

2nd the Sweet Corn not "ready" (grown) until later in the summer but there is nothing so good as Bartlett Farm fresh corn.  MMMmmm


Bartlett Farm Corn3rd really any and all of the produce they have its all so good, you can't beat fresh locally grown veggies from right here on Nantucket!




  • Pie and Dessert - the chefs and bakers at Bartletts do anCakes and Pie from  Bartlett Farm amazing job, always a wonderful treat to be found, from Fresh blueberry pie, macaroons, Cupcakes and more.  

  • Packaged meats and prepared meals are also wonderful treats a the farm, I find them to be expensive but for the occasional treat most definitely worth the trip there.

  • Bartlett Farm NantucketAlmost everything you need for your home garden, plants, seeds, fertilizer and more all kinds of varieties for planting year round.

  • Exercise classes - Can you believe there is Yoga at Bartlett Farm what a cool idea.  Give them a call out there to learn more about this one - 508 228 9403.

Open Space on Nantucket

Protected Open Space that create beautiful views and visits- one of the great things on Nantucket is open space it makes this a truly wonderful place.  A handful of years ago Bartlett Farm sold the development rights to most of their land to a conservation group to guarantee that the property will always stay protected from development - Great Job Bartlett Family!

Here is a link to their website to learn more on the farm. 

Brian Sullivan

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