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Getting to and from Nantucket

Posted by Brian Sullivan

5/23/11 12:21 PM

Getting to NantucketTraveling to and from Nantucket can be daughting to some, but its not.  Here I have complied a complete list of airlines that fly to and from Nantucket, Nantucket Island car rentals, Bike rentals on Nantucket as well as car services on island all in an effort to make your time on island more enjoyable.

Fly to and from Nantucket

Ferry to Nantucket
  • Hyline Nantucket - The Hyline ferry service offers many options to travel to and from Nantucket, including a 1 hour ferry servicing the island year round.  Here is their link -
  • Steamship to Nantucket - The Steamship is the only car ferry service to and from Nantucket.  There are 2 hour and 1 hour passenger ferries that service the island - here is the website for the Steamship Authority -
  • The Freedom Cruise Line travels to Nantucket from Harwich Port Ma in the summer season - check out their schedule
Nantucket Car Rentals

There are many car rental services on Nantucket, most are local operations but there are a few National brands servicing the island.  Car rentals on Nantucket are expensive but if ferry reservations are sold out it is sometimes the best choice.

Bicycle Rentals on Nantucket

Public Transportation On Nantucket - NRTA

Nantucket has a public transportation service now known as "the Wave" or NRTA (Nantucket Regional Transit Authority).  It services many island beaches and is in a constant loop around the island.  Here are some helpful links.  They also have an Iphone app with live information on shuttle locations.

Car Services on Nantucket

There are a handful of private car services on Nantucket that offer a wide varity of services.  Here are a few.

As always if you have any Nantucket Real Estate or rental questions please feel free to contact me.


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